The 7th – Gastronomie Française

Paris is definitely well known for its fine cuisine and being one of the major tourist hot spots in Paris, the 7th arrondissement has much to offer in terms of dining.  At almost every step, perfumes of patisseries, crêpes and all of the fabulousness that Paris has to give beckons from street vendors, cafes and restaurants.


For the most budget friendly option, the 7th arrondissement also offers plenty of open markets for locals and travelers alike looking to prepare a fine meal or gather provisions for a picnic. Be sure to visit one of the more famous open markets in Paris on Rue Cler. A bountiful selection of specialty shops beckons to each person passing by. From a range of pastry, bread, cheeses, chocolates to cafes, here you can really be Parisian for a day ensuring that you find the freshest produce and finest in meats and cheeses for any decadent meal to be savored. Make sure to say Bonjour and Merci to make this a memorable social event as well. The French just love when English speakers make an attempt at their language.

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Cafes/Brasseries are excellent for a quick bite to eat or for a leisurely cup of coffee. Don’t worry about getting in and out. The French love to enjoy a day of people watching so elegantly poised in the perfect café. Some of our favorites include l’Affriolé, la Fontaine de Mars and le Café Constant. A must stop is L’Ami Jean run by celebrated chef Stéphane Jego. This lively bistro serves authentic Basque cuisine and is a long standing gem in the 7th at 27 rue Malar. You can expect a lively setting adorned in Basque sports memorabilia. Dishes such as braised duck foie gras and tender veal shank with onions and broad beans make this restaurant an affordable, lively experience during your stay. Also, do try the street vendors offering delectable delights such as crepes and sandwiches. They are quick, affordable and downright delicious ranging from sugary sweets as well as savory lunches on the go.

For a super luxe dinner and cherished memory, we recommend Le Jules Vernes restaurant located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. Diners have the opportunity here to enjoy an extravagant meal under the preparation of Michelin Star Chef Alain Ducasse while enjoying a view of Paris 125 meters (410 ft) above the city. Dinner is offered as an elegant 5 or 6 course meal at 190€/person to 230€/person, excluding wine. Lunch is a bit more budget friendly for a 3 course meal at 105€/person.  As one would expect, the attire is dressy. Alain Ducasse describes your perfect evening as, «An experience at the heart of the Eiffel Tower, a unique venue infused with dreams and magic…» Reservations are online only and are generally needed 2 months in advance but well worth the wait and the price for the evening of a lifetime.


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