The 7th – Shopping

If there is one thing to do while visiting Paris, it would be to shop! With Paris being the fashion capital of the world, you already know that there is an endless supply of stores and boutiques offering such a variety, there’s not a soul that leaves empty handed. The 7th arrondissement is far from an exception to this truth. With the abundance of options, it’s actually a challenge to recommend where to start.

BonmarchéFor more general shopping, stop at Le Bon Marché located at 24, Rue de Sèvres. This was the world’s first department store which features 40 top fashion designers, a renewed wedding boutique, as well as beauty departments, and home decor shops. If you are looking to find something a little more special, check out Lucien Pellet-Finet to experience
French cashmere.You can also go find your new favorite hat at Hartwood; you’ll discover this traditional luxury boutique onartisan parfumeur the rue du Bac. Another French prize would be to embrace the scents of L’Artisan Parfumeur known as one of the most unique and iconoclastic fragrance houses in the world.





Antique hunters should take a detour to the village Suisse, with over 150 antique dealers and art galleries housed in a village built by Switzerland for the 1900 World Fair.
Then visit the gourmet food shops and cafés of the popular street market on Rue Cler; which includes a wonderful selection from Le Repaire de Bacchus, to superior cheese shops, then La Sablaise Poissonerie (one of the
finest fish merchants in Paris).villagesuisse


grande specialité which makes its home in the 7th arrondissement is Debauve-et-
Gallais, a traditional French chocolaterie.Sitting at 30 Rue des Saints-Pères for more than two centuries, their fine chocolates have been a staple of Paris, becoming a pilgrimage for shoppers, returning again and again. They made chocolate for royalty; need I say more?


So if it’s new additions to your wardrobe, a gift for mom, or a desire to indulge in French delicacies, the 7th Arrondissement is where you can take in some of the best shops, boutiques, and specialty stores Paris can offer.




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