The 12th – Gems & Treasures

While the 12th Arrondissement isn’t widely known for being a major tourist aspect of Paris, it certain has some gems that are worth visiting if you have the opportunity. For years, the 12th Arrondissement was known as an unsafe area, with dilapidated buildings and a fair-share of crime. This however changed in the 1990s during the Mitterand Project.


Bercy-villageThe Bercy Winehouses boasted as the largest stock of wine in the world for over 100 years. When it came time to renovate this year that had been left to decay, renovators decided to turn the winehouses into something magnificent. The Village de Bercy was born, a place with prestigious shops, boutiques, and cafes, all located within the same area. This has become a little known, yet incredible place to visit since its renovation. Walking through the area, it is almost like a mix a medieval Paris and Ancient Rome, yet none of the buildings found there are neither medieval nor Roman.


Not far from the Village de Bercy, one of the most quintessential, beautiful, streets in all of4797_rue-cremieux-600x350 Paris is nestled in the district. Rue Crémieux, is not filled with cafés, or shops, or parks, but the sheer beauty of the street itself makes it definitely worth a stroll. It’s a simple street, with beautifully painted houses, cobblestone pathways, and set in a storybook-like setting.   



The Musée des Arts-Forains is another museum no one really seems to know about, but is definitely a must-see! It’s a museum dedicated to games, and attractions shown particularly at carnivals and fairs from the 19th century through present. Museum goers can play games and re-live the carnival atmosphere through the past two centuries. This gem is found in the Pavillons de Bercy. The carnival, and carnival folk have always held an air of mystery to the world, and keeping to that tradition, tours of the museum are by appointment only, so you must make arrangements to visit; which is even more of a reason we have added this to our gems of things to do when wandering the 12th arrondissement.


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